Eurocash has consolidated the entire IT area, Szymon Mitoraj has taken over its management

Eurocash consolidated all technology businesses and the entire IT area, and their management was taken over by Szymon Mitoraj, who joined Eurocash in October this year, the company announced. As a member of the management board for digitalization, he is currently responsible for, among others: for the further development of, the Innovative Trade Platform, and the Frisco company.

The Group’s goal in reorganizing the company structure is to harmonize and improve the effectiveness of Eurocash’s current digital activities. The chosen direction assumes, above all, more effective use of data and achieving greater synergies. These activities are also aimed at minimizing the effect of duplication of areas and ensuring the unification of technological tools already existing in the Group.

“In the digital area, we want to focus on the synergy of solutions and data, we care about their consistency and that our company bases its business decisions on them to a greater extent than before. IT management of all digital areas and data from one place, according to the so-called logic of one unit will allow us to optimize processes throughout the structure. This is a very practical, although still rare solution in organizations, which will allow us to see the effects relatively quickly. Frisco is key to this puzzle. This is one of Eurocash’s most digital businesses, and is managed entirely internally. This has always been a space for the Group to look for and test new solutions for the retail market,” said Mitoraj, quoted in the release.

In the new structure, Frisco will be managed by Pawel Szerling, who before joining the Eurocash Group was associated with the e-commerce company Shopee, and previously worked at the consulting company McKinsey for over 9 years. For the last 3 months, he has been a member of the management board of Frisco, responsible for its growth. Paweł Szerling took over the reins from Jacek Paliec, the current CEO of Frisco, who resigned from this position on November 20.

The Eurocash Group’s strategy assumes intensified activities in three areas: wholesale, organization of franchise and partner systems, as well as digitization of both internal systems in the company and the entire independent channel.

Eurocash Group is the largest Polish wholesale distributor of FMCG products, the organizer of well-known franchise, agency and partner networks, such as ABC, Delikatesy Centrum, Groszek, Gama, Duży Ben, Lewiatan and Euro Sklep; logistics and technological partner of local stores, as well as the owner of the No. 1 e-grocery store in Poland: The company has been listed on the WSE since 2005; is included in the mWIG40 and WIG30 indices.


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