Eurocash buys 49% stake in Arhelan retail chain.

Eurocash has acquired 49% stake in Arhelan retail chain, which operates over 100 stores in north-eastern Poland. The investment in Arhelan is in line with the development strategy of the group, as it aims to create the largest supermarket chain in Poland based on owned and franchise stores. 

“In the face of changing market conditions, the expansion of large chains, as well as the challenges of new legal regulations and progressive digitization, we want to provide customers with access to an attractive assortment and price offer, taking into account the specificity of local markets on which our stores operate. At the same time, we understand that we need to invest not only in network development but also in modern marketing and IT tools that make it easier for our clients to make everyday purchases. That is why we join forces with a partner with whom we will be able to better use the development potential of our company,” said Helena Burzynska, member of the board and founder of the Arhelan network.

The agreement concluded by the parties includes that, at a later date, Eurocash will acquire an additional 1% stake in Arhelan, thus increasing its stake to 50%. It also defines the rules of Arhelan’s cooperation with the Eurocash Group, including the target operation of Arhelan within the franchise structures of the Delikatesy Centrum chain under the logo of Polskie Shops Arhelan and Delikatesy Centrum. The transaction is subject to a number of conditions, including the consent of the president of the office of competition and consumer protection.


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