CD PROJEKT shares surge as Cyberpunk 2077 returns to the Playstation Store

Sony will restore Cyberpunk to the Playstation Store from June 21. It was a long-awaited piece of information, both by investors and players. The Polish title was removed by Sony shortly after its premiere due to some technical glitches.

Investors due to a long-unseen rebound in the CD PROJEKT stock price. For players who own a Playstation console and do not want to buy the physical version. As Sony explained, she did not want to give “bad experiences” to her players.

The return of Cyberpunk from the Playstation Store was possible only a few days ago. The dedicated form for the return of the Polish title will be removed on June 18 this year. Of course, after this date, it will also be possible to submit a possible willingness to give Cyberpunk, but via the standard Playstation channels.

As the company emphasized, the number of players who decided to return Cyberpunk was not huge. Nevertheless, in Q4, CD PROJEKT created provisions for the “Help Me Refund” share. In a recent statement for the Investors Zone, Paweł Sugalski from Rockbridge Gier i Innowacji pointed out that Cyberpunk’s return to the PS Store will help reverse negative sentiment from the company.

“In order to reverse the negative sentiment on the stock market, the company must prove that it can fix the game (problematic return to the PS Store) and release the game for a new generation of consoles. This gives at least hope for the effect of a “second premiere” with a properly conducted marketing campaign and a chance for very good ratings on the Metacritic portal “- indicated the manager of Rockbridge Gier i Innowacji.


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