Escola postpones the debut on the NewConnect market by at least a few months

Escola has decided to postpone its NewConnect debut for at least a few months until 2023, company representatives said. They assume that the financial result will be good in the coming months.
“Escola is for a good company to debut in the current market, the sentiment is bad and not conducive to the stock market. In the opinion of the supervisory board, a debut would currently be unfavorable for the company's shareholders and partners. We made a recommendation to the company's management board to postpone the decision to debut by at least a few months until 2023, ”said Sebastian Kwaśny, member of the supervisory board, during the webinar.

The president of the company, Krzysztof Wojewodzic, noted that the debut would be of a technical nature.

“We are not going to do an IPO, we don't need any additional capital yet. However, in line with the recommendation of the supervisory board, we have decided to withhold our debut this year, ”said Wojewodzic.

He indicated that the company strongly focuses on expanding its portfolio with large, well-known projects on the market. Other such projects are the development of using Hesey's proprietary e-commerce software and the implementation of a mobile application for one of the popular book websites.

“We are developing in two areas - software house and venture building (e-commerce and e-learning). We will be preparing a large project for Diabetyk24. We are now also developing, among others project for a large law firm in Saudi Arabia. When it comes to subsidiaries, at Heseya we are developing e-commerce projects, so far the strategic decision is that it will be a project for which we are not looking for financing yet, it may change next year. We develop projects and follow the example of other venture builders in Poland. We also see a very good development of our proprietary e-learning platform Wellms ”- mentioned the president.
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