Eobuwie.pl becomes Modivo, as it plans rapid global expansion and IPO

Eobuwie.pl from the CCC Group begins work on changing the company’s name. According to the plans, from February 2022 it will formally function as Modivo. This decision is related to the planned stock exchange debut and further development on foreign markets. The domain of the Polish eobuwie.pl online store as well as other platforms on foreign markets will remain unchanged.

From February, eobuwie.pl changes its name to Modivo. The decision to change the company’s name was made on December 22, 2021 by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders. According to the new strategy of the CCC Group, eobuwie.pl in 2025 is to be the main source of revenues for the CCC Group.

“In line with the plans presented earlier, the company has a stock exchange debut in its future. This is an extremely important event in the context of business development and expansion in the international arena. The implementation of these ambitious goals will be supported by a catchy name that is easy to pronounce in any country. We chose Modivo because it supports our message. The company has enormous growth potential in the strategic area of fashiontech” – says Damian Zapłat, president of eobuwie.pl S.A.


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