Energy Group has an agreement with Hynfra, the value of the investment is estimated at EUR 22 billion

Energy Group and Hynfra have signed an agreement to produce renewable hydrogen, ammonia and methanol, the companies said. The planned investment cost of the companies is estimated at over EUR 22 billion, it was reported.

“Watching global and European markets, we see how fast investments related to the production of green hydrogen and ammonia are growing. Both are, in our opinion, essential elements of the green transformation and decarbonisation. By combining our experience in the RES area with the competences of Hynfry, which is a leader on the Polish hydrogen market, we have the ambition to become its leading producer in our region,” said Energy Group Managing Director Marian Glita, quoted in the release.

According to the agreement, Energy Group will be responsible for the acquisition of land, development and preparation of renewable energy installations, while Hynfra will take care of the integration of technological solutions and the implementation of installations for the production and distribution of renewable hydrogen, ammonia or methanol based on renewable energy.

“There are few entities in Poland like the Energy Group that develop large-size and concentrated RES generation capacities on such a scale, which can be used for hydrogen production in accordance with the expected direction of European regulations. Such projects give us a chance to completely change the role of Poland on the hydrogen map of Europe, which is a fundamental issue for the future of our economy. Methanol and ammonia are key carriers of hydrogen, but also raw materials for many areas of industrial production and transport,” said Hynfry CEO Tomoho Umeda.

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