Charging stations consolidate to offer national electric network

Electric vehicle charging stations on lighting poles offered by Energa Edukacja – an Energa subsidiary of the Orlen Group – will become part of the Orlen Charge network, Energa reported. After introducing all stations of Energa Obrót and Energa Lighting into the common IT environment, at the turn of 2021 and 2022, the total number of devices available in the Orlen Charge system will amount to nearly 430 stations.

The electric vehicle charging system offered by the Orlen Group has become the first and only one in Poland that will offer drivers access to this type of device

Charging stations installed by Energa Lighting on lighting poles are built on the existing infrastructure, so they require fewer permits and administrative decisions. These devices are also very flexible – with a slight and easy modification, they can charge not only cars, but also other electric vehicles, such as the currently popular electric scooters, was noted.

The charging stations themselves operate with a power of 3 to 22 kW, depending on the operation of the lamp itself and its current energy demand.


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