French Delpharm takes over GSK factory in Poznań with 700 employees

Delpharm and GSK have announced that Delpharm has completed the takeover of the GSK production plant in Poznań, along with the entire infrastructure and the factory staff of approx. 700 people. What does this mean for people using GlaxoSmithKline medications?

As the authorities of the French Delpharm concern assure in the issued announcement, it will continue to manufacture the existing GSK product lines on a contractual basis for at least five years. GlaxoSmithKline, on the other hand, will remain the owner of the rights to manufactured products.

“Thanks to the finalization of this takeover, we have provided the plant in Poznań with the possibility of long-term operation within Delpharm. This is a great solution for a talented and dedicated team that has been providing the Poznań factory with excellent results thanks to high standards of work for over 20 years”, says Nikos Xydias, CEO of GSK Polska, about the acquisition, which was finally completed on October 29.


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