Enchanting ‘magic garden’ for the blind to open near Warsaw

An enchanting new ‘Garden of Senses’ will be built to benefit blind children at a school just outside Warsaw.

The first of its kind in Poland, the ‘magic’ garden will combine smell, touch and sounds to help stimulate the children and give them a better understanding of the world around them.

Expected to be ready in the first few months of next year the garden will be built in the grounds of the Centre for the Care of the Blind in Laski, at an estimated cost of around 700,000 PLN.

The new project will be funded by SHAMIR Polska, a producer of glasses and donations made by the general public.

Aleksandra Kubańska, Marketing & Communications Manager, SHAMIR Polska said: “We talked with the centre’s charges and their guardians, trying to find out about their needs.

“It turned out that despite many attractions, such as a horse farm or a swimming pool, children lack a place where they could safely commune with nature and discover it by touch, smell and taste.

The garden, which will cover an area of nearly 4,000 m2, will have a variety of zones in which both blind and partially sighted people can navigate safely.


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