HR firm Emplocity introduces AI chatbox to entice Crowdfunding investors

Emplocity has launched an offer of shares in the form of equity crowdfunding, with plans to raise approximately PLN 3 million. There are plans to debut on the NewConnect market at the turn of 2021 and 2022.

Emplocity is engaged in the creation of solutions supporting business operations. The company’s software solutions automate some of the business processes using artificial intelligence and deep machine learning and speech processing mechanisms. They are a combination of the functionality of a virtual assistant that can talk to the client and a platform for process automation and information exchange without the need for control or minimal control by staff.

“We have recently made many important implementations for our clients. One of them is the Q&A chatbot, which was created to support ongoing recruitment and improve communication with candidates. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, Q&A BOT will automate an average of 80 percent inquiries sent to recruiters “- says Arkadiusz Talun, CTO and founder of Emplocity.


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