Emitel and Canal + Polska will fight for investors

2021 on the IPO market in Warsaw may belong to television.

Emitel, a company focusing mainly on the transmission of digital terrestrial television and radio signals (although it is also building new sources of revenue).

Canal + Polska, a satellite and internet pay TV operator. According to unofficial information from Rzeczpospolita, news of the decision in this matter should be expected soon. On Tuesday, TVN Media (Discovery Group) and Liberty Global (owner of UPC) are returning with an offer of shares, wrote the TVTrend website.

Representatives of two worlds would go to the stock exchange. Emitel keeps its fingers crossed for the development of digital terrestrial television. “Digital terrestrial television has always had the highest viewership in our market. About 32 percent. home TV sets use it as the main method of signal delivery. Further prospects for the development of the terrestrial platform result from from the demographic structure – most Poles live outside the largest cities, and about 36 percent. of them in rural areas “- argued Emitel on Wednesday.

Canal + Polska referred to the growth forecasts for pay TV, which include video services on the Internet (OTT). It has the largest distributor of cinema films in the group – Kino Świat.


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