Aion Bank in strategic cooperation deal with ELZAB

ELZAB and Aion Bank have established strategic cooperation, offering Polish entrepreneurs the purchase of an online fiscal cash register in a subscription and the integration of their cash register with the application. The product is connected to a comprehensive and fully digital business account. Thanks to the elzAPP ON application, each user gains remote access to their sales data and finances on a bank account. The technology in the project is provided and implemented by Vodeno.

As part of a joint venture, Aion Bank and ELZAB (creator of the elzAPP ON application) provide Polish entrepreneurs with a comprehensive tool that allows them to use the advantages of an online fiscal cash register in conjunction with modern, fully remote electronic banking. From the level of the mobile application, a business owner can easily purchase a subscription cash or link devices purchased from ELZAB partners with a company account. The new device will be made available in the subscription – one low installment will be automatically charged from the Aion Bank account. The implementation and service of the cash register will be provided by the current partners of the ELZAB company.

“(…) Today we present a comprehensive offer that goes beyond the classically understood alliances. This is the first initiative of this type known to me. Together with Aion Bank, we offer new, safe solutions, new products and new business management opportunities” – assures Bartosz Panek, President of the Management Board of ELZAB SA.


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