Elenger from the Eesti Gaas group wants to acquire customers in Poland for 1 TWh of gas in 2 years

Elenger from the Estonian energy group Eesti Gaas (from the Infortar capital group) entered the Polish market, the company announced. The goal for the first two years is to attract customers who consume a total of 1 TWh of natural gas. Further plans include the development of renewable energy sources, mainly biogas, on the market.

Elenger starts operations in Poland in three areas: sales to end customers or other fuel trading companies, wholesale gas trading and export and import of gas from Lithuania and its possible transfer to Germany and Slovakia. In the first year of operation in Poland, the company plans to sign up to several dozen contracts, and in the next year it wants to sell the raw material to approx. 100 customers, consuming a total of 1 TWh of natural gas, the release said.

“The offer will be addressed primarily to enterprises from the agri-food industry and processing sector. These companies face a huge increase in production costs due to raw material prices and have to translate almost all of these increases into the prices of their goods. (…),” said Marcin Płocharski, director of market development at the Polish company Elenger, quoted in the release.

The company also pays attention to improving the security and diversifying the directions of natural gas supplies to Poland. Within a few weeks of the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Estonian group has fully switched gas supplies from the East to LNG from the West – it is currently imported by gas carriers from Norway and the United States via the floating terminal in Klaipeda, Lithuania, it was explained..

The Polish company Elenger belongs to the Estonian energy group Eesti Gaas (from the Infortar capital group), which serves a total of over 50,000 in the entire region. customers and is the largest private gas supplier in the region. Sales in 2021 reached 12 TWh. The group operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland, and recently also in Poland.


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