Elemental Holding: We want to integrate the entire urban mining chain, and Alumetal is part of it

Elemental Holding has a long-term interest in the vertical integration of the entire urban mining chain, and Alumetal’s aluminum business fits perfectly into this strategy, CEO Paweł Jarski informed in the context of the announced invitation to submit offers for the sale of Alumetal shares.

“Our goal is to acquire a total of no more than 49.99% of Alumetal’s share capital. We intend to take over a minority stake in this company and incorporate it into the structures of the Elemental Group. We are convinced that our offer, especially after today’s increase, is attractive in particular to pension funds, which are obliged to be guided solely by the interests of their clients – future retirees, and therefore cannot accept a less attractive competitive offer. The same applies to investment funds. Violation of this rule would certainly attract the attention of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, said Jarski, quoted in the release.


As a result of the settlement of the above transactions of Elemental Alu related entities and as a result of the purchase of shares under this invitation, the intention of Elemental Alu and its related entities is to achieve a total of no more than 7,817,142 shares constituting in total no more than 49.99% of the share capital of the company and entitling to no more than 49.99% of the total number of votes at the company’s general meeting. The acquisition of up to 49.99% of all Alumetal shares is aimed at taking control of the company, whose activities perfectly fit into the strategy of the Elemental Holding group in the area of aluminum.

Established in 2010, Elemental Holding is a recycling company. It has 55 subsidiaries in 35 countries with more than 50 collection and treatment facilities, 30 of which are located across Europe and the rest outside Europe (USA, Turkey, UAE and Malaysia). Elemental employs over 1,100 people worldwide. He was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2013-2021.

The Alumetal capital group operates in the foundry and metallurgical industry in the production of secondary aluminum, i.e. the production of aluminum casting alloys and primary alloys from aluminum scrap. The Alumetal Group is a national leader in this field and is the second largest producer of secondary aluminum alloys in Europe. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since July 2014. Its consolidated revenues from contracts with clients reached PLN 3.27 billion in 2022; is included in the sWIG80 index.


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