Electrum will build a hybrid sun-wind power plant for approx. PLN 500 million

Electrum will build a hybrid solar-wind power plant with a total connection capacity of 205 MW belonging to the Lewandpol Group, the company announced. The remuneration for the works carried out by Electrum will amount to approx. PLN 500 million, and the works are carried out in a post-mining area in the Kleczew commune in the province of Greater Poland. In addition to the photovoltaic and wind farms, the investment will also include an energy storage facility.


“We are the first Polish contractor of this type of hybrid RES power plant. The project is part of our philosophy of blazing trails and providing solutions that can revolutionize the green energy system and accelerate the energy transformation. The new installation will enable the diversification of energy sources by supplementing solar energy with wind energy and vice versa – depending on local weather conditions” – said Tomasz Taff, commercial director and member of the management board of Electrum Concreo, quoted in the release.

“This is a large project – not only for us as a group, but also one of the largest of its kind in Poland. In the project, we want to use our unique solution, which is the active and reactive power control system cooperating with various types of generating units – the Renedium regulator. It will facilitate the control of energy production in one place, regardless of the type of source, power, location and complexity, which is of great importance in the case of hybrid power plants,” added Kamil Kozicki, project manager from Electrum Concreo.

Completion of the first stage of the investment, i.e. the construction of a solar farm, is scheduled for the second half of 2023. The wind farm is to be built in 2024. The construction of an energy storage facility is planned at a later stage of the project.

The Electrum Group is a Polish climate tech business based in Białystok, offering comprehensive solutions in the field of the latest technologies for development, construction and project management in the field of energy and information.


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