Ice cream wars? Patent fight looms over Lody Ekipa and Koral

Roman Hodurek submitted an application to the Patent Office for the reservation of the name of Lody Ekipa. The Friz team and the Koral company have 3 months to file an objection.

The portal informs about the case. As we read, in the bulletin of the Patent Office of August 16 there was an application from Roman Hodurek. He is a Krakow entrepreneur who runs a business related to the production and sale of ice cream with his family.

The man wants to reserve the word mark “Ice Cream Team”. It would refer to ice creams, sorbets, frozen lollipops, frozen yoghurts or frozen cakes and yoghurt cakes.

Possible registration of the trademark could cause trouble for the YouTube team and the Koral company. It was on the basis of their cooperation that the ice cream was created, which caused a real madness among children this summer. If a Kraków entrepreneur were to acquire the rights to the name, he could demand that the existing products be removed from the stores.

“From the moment of publication in the Patent Office Bulletin, the application waits for the impact of any objections for 3 months. Until now, no objection has been received” – Adam Taukert, spokesman for the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, submitted to


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