EkectroMobility Poland has a contract with Gealy Holding for a platform for the Izera brand

ElectroMobility Poland (EMP) has signed a license agreement with the Chinese concern Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Holding), under which Geely will provide EMP with the SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform for electric cars, EMP reported. Geely Holding has become a technology partner of the first generation of EMP vehicles, launched under the Izera brand.
EMP is the first company outside the group to use SEA technology.

The first of the planned Izera models is to be an SUV. In addition, EMP announced plans to produce two more models - an estate car and a hatchback.

“We are proud to sign a licensing agreement with EMP to provide industry-leading SEA architecture. We are convinced that this advanced technological platform will help EMP to bring the highest quality products to the market, guaranteeing their technological quality in terms of mechanical components, software and scalability of solutions. Poland plays an important role in the European automotive industry and I am convinced that this agreement will enable a faster transition to electric drives, creating wider economic opportunities in the field of electromobility,” said Daniel Donghui, CEO of Geely Holding, quoted in the release.

The first vehicles are to be manufactured under the Izera brand by EMP at the factory in Jaworzno (Silesian Voivodeship). The investment is to enable the creation of approx. 2,400 jobs in the plant itself.

“The SEA platform fits perfectly into the concept of Izera as a product. Partnering with Geely provides EMP with industry-leading know-how as well as additional business opportunities. In the long term, this technological partnership enables us to develop, engage local suppliers more and implement the project within the assumed business framework,” said EMP CEO Piotr Zaremba.

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