EIB and Poland sign €542 million loans to finance basic research grants

Grants will be disbursed by the National Science Centre and the RDI activities of the 70 research institutes that are affiliated with the Polish Academy of Science countrywide.

€365 million will go to the National Science Centre, which has benefited from EIB financing on five previous occasions. The money will fund research projects in all fields of science, technology and the humanities, either by individual researchers or by research teams. The Science Centre is based in Krakow, but the projects it supports are located across Poland.

Another €177 million is dedicated to the Polish Academy of Science, one of the best-performing research organisations in Europe, with the objective of furthering scientific knowledge in all parts of society.

“Over the past decade, Poland has drastically increased its expenditure on research and development,” said EIB Vice-President Teresa Czerwińska who is in charge of lending in Poland. “Nevertheless, the country needs to do more to reach the EU average and fulfil its own ambitious goals. With its continued support, the EIB is lending a helping hand. I am happy to see another two operations in the sector come to fruition.”


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