Efecte strives to delist InteliWISE and integrate offers on a global level

The Finnish Efecte group aims to delist InteliWISE from NewConnect and intends to ultimately integrate the offer of both companies on a global level, Marcin Strzałkowski, president of InteliWISE, informed ISBtech. Most of the proceeds from the sale of the company’s share package will be allocated to the purchase of Efecte shares on the Finnish stock exchange.
“Both companies will benefit from the integration of activities by expanding their offer. Efecte focuses on digitization and automation of the work environment, while InteliWISE has conversational solutions based on artificial intelligence, e.g. chatbots. These are not the only benefits. Both companies were building their position in slightly different geographic markets, which gives a greater chance for revenue synergies, ”said ISBtech Strzałkowski.

Efecte recently announced the success of the invitation, as a result of which it became the owner of over 90% of the company’s shares.

“It is an undoubted success that allows the company to be delisting, which was Efecte’s goal from the very beginning. However, we want to give other shareholders a chance. We know that owning shares of an unlisted company is problematic and greatly reduces the possibility of a later sale, which is why the Finnish group decided to extend the invitation to sell shares until July 6 inclusive. Moreover, the intention of Efecte is to conduct the compulsory buyout at a later time, and by responding to the invitation now, you can receive your cash faster. Efecte very clearly and clearly communicated that the price will not be raised in the next stages of the process, ”said Strzałkowski.

InteliWise is a leading company in Poland on the market of providers of Conversational AI cloud services, including AI Chatbot and Voicebot. For large, global clients, including those from the Fortune 500 list in the US, she has implemented over 150 solutions such as Chatbot, Voicebot, Professional Live Chat, Contact Center, Omni-channel or Video – consultations, supporting customer service and e-commerce transactions. InteliWISE is listed on the NewConnect market.


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