Eco5tech commercializes proptech solutions and considers foreign expansion

Eco5tech commercializes its proptech solutions and plans to enter the EU and North American markets with them in the future, informed ISBtech president Alicja Gackowska. Currently, however, the company focuses on the development of sales on the domestic market.

“The MCA5TECH device is already in our offer. We have one implementation and many inquiries from potential customers. The unstable situation on the energy market makes it important for everyone to find a way to reduce or control energy consumption, which is why our proprietary device arouses so much interest. In the future, we would also like to enter foreign markets with our solutions. Of course, we have to prepare for it properly,” Gackowska told ISBtech.

She pointed out that the piloting of the systems is an important stage, and the information collected about the functioning of the system and the real benefits it brings will be crucial in the subsequent acquisition of foreign customers.

“Our vision of development in this area is focused on the entire European Union market. We are also watching the American market very closely, where we see a great opportunity for the demand for solutions from the PropTech sector. We analyze individual markets in terms of the demand for the solutions we offer and the barriers we have to overcome,” added the president.

She assessed that last year was a very successful one for the company. It generated nearly PLN 12.5 million in sales revenues, which means an increase of 55% y/y and is a record in its activity so far. Thanks to the high level of sales in 2022, it reached 633 thousand. zloty. operating profit and PLN 562 thousand. PLN net profit.


Eco5tech is a company that designs in the construction sector and implements innovative solutions in the field of PropTech (Property Technology). Eco5tech was founded in 2010, is listed on NewConnect as of January 2022.


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