Eco-friendly packaging for transporting batteries and chargers – Polish packaging manufacturer wants to capitalize on electromobility trend

Polish manufacturer of packaging for e-commerce and industry – MAZOP Group SA. – develops its product portfolio. Due to the growing interest in electric vehicles, the company has specially designed cardboard containers dedicated to transporting batteries for electric cars. Mazop Group products are already used by representatives of the automotive industry from Poland and abroad. At the end of the year, the manufacturer signed a new contract and started producing packaging for mobile chargers for electric cars.

In the period from January to October this year, the European Union registered a record number of 1.23 million fully electric cars, thus surpassing diesel vehicles, according to an analysis by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association. This is a significant step towards sustainable mobility, and the electric car market is growing every month. Poland is also actively participating in this transformation. According to a report by the Polish Automotive Industry Association (PZPM), the number of electric cars on Polish roads at the end of October amounted to 90,902 vehicles, which means an increase of 69 percent compared to the same period last year.

Mazop SA Group, one of the leaders in the production of cardboard packaging, sees opportunities in the development of electromobility. The company already offers specialized packaging adapted to the safe transport of batteries for cars, electric bicycles and chargers.

Last year, we started cooperation with a client from the Netherlands, for whom we created dedicated packaging for the transport of electric bicycles. Later, more orders appeared. Seeing the growing market potential, in the first quarter of 2023 we expanded our portfolio to include pallet containers for transporting batteries for electric cars. Already, the recipients of our products are representatives of the automotive industry from both Poland and European markets. Today, our products reach the largest players in the electromobility industry. – informs Krzysztof Rusin, president of the management board of Grupa Mazop SA.

Pallet containers are made of very durable 7-layer cardboard. Thanks to digital printing, it is also possible to make complex prints on them. Container and pallet solutions are perfect for transporting heavy products and guarantee high resistance to damage to the contents during transport. At the same time, they are still made of paper, which ensures their low carbon footprint and recyclability.

Our great advantage is our own development department, which ensures quick adaptation of the packaging to customer requirements. We can also dynamically adapt the offer itself in terms of additional solutions, because in addition to the external packaging, we also produce internal protection such as foams. At the end of this year, we established cooperation with another client from the automotive industry, for whom we started the production of packaging for mobile chargers for electric cars. We see that this is the right direction for the company’s development both in Poland and foreign markets. – adds the president of the Mazop SA Group.

Foreign expansion is a great advantage of the company and is the main source of potential to increase the scale of operations. The Mazop Group recorded the highest sales increases, among others: in Sweden (306%), the Netherlands (265%) and the Czech Republic (265%). The company also plans to increase its presence in other profitable markets and to open its own sales department in the German market for the first time.


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