E.ON Poland began construction of Poland’s first 1 MWe biogas plant

E.ON Polska has started work on the construction of a 1 MWe biogas plant near Pułtusk, the company announced. Completion of the investment and launch of energy production is planned for the end of 2024.

“As a modern energy group, we try to green our offer portfolio in every area of our operations. We see great potential in the development of biogas sources in Poland and we want to continue investing in this area. The biogas plant near Pułtusk is our first and certainly not the last project in this segment. We believe in the diversification of renewable energy sources, which also means investing in those that can operate at their full potential regardless of the weather,” said Artur Stawiarski, director of strategy and enterprise development at E.ON Polska, quoted in the release.

The plant will employ approximately 8,000 people. hours per year and will produce approximately 8 GWh of green energy per year. Efficiency at this level will cover the energy needs of, for example, a small industrial plant. Unlike PV installations and wind farms, biogas plants are independent of weather conditions and can continuously generate electricity, the material states.

E.ON Polska plans to operate the biogas plant in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. The plant will use agricultural biomass substrates and waste. The biogas plant will distribute the post-digestate material as a fertilizer rich in microelements for the needs of local farmers. This will both support the surrounding community and reduce the carbon footprint associated with its transport, as it will be used locally, it was also reported.

E.ON Polska has established cooperation with Biowatt, which has developed a project for an agricultural biogas plant and will be responsible for its operation in the first two years of operation.

The E.ON Group is one of the leading European energy companies, serving approximately 53 million customers on 15 markets in Europe. It employs a total of over 78,000 people, including 3,500 in group companies in Poland.


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