Sales of electric bikes soar 800%

The pandemic caused many Poles to switch to bicycles. Over 40 percent people choose a two-wheeler instead of other means of transport, and every fifth cyclist currently rides more than a year ago – according to the “Bicycle Revolution” study. Almost half of them did not give up driving even in winter. The market is driven in particular by the rapidly growing sales of electric bicycles. The YouGov survey shows that every fourth Pole would like to own an electric bicycle. During the prevailing restrictions, we are more and more willing to buy them online. recorded an increase in e-bike sales by 786% in 2020.

City bikes are the most popular – in the first quarter of last year, the sales results in this segment were by 300% in the Bicycle Center. greater than the year before. Over 185 percent sales of trekking bikes increased. Poles are also more likely to buy electric two-wheelers. The data of the Bicycle Center for the entire 2020 shows that the annual increase in their sales amounted to as much as 786%. According to the Polish Bicycle Association, electric bikes are responsible for 10 percent of sales.


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