Solar and PV demand soars as Poles invest to reduce electricity bills

2020 turned out to be the best year in history for Polish photovoltaics. Installed PV capacity increased by as much as 200 percent.

During the pandemic, as many as 2 GW of new power from photovoltaic sources were connected in Poland, which may be due to the fact that in the era of uncertainty, many Poles find their own source of electricity a solution that increases the sense of security. In addition, as indicated in the “Report on the photovoltaic market” prepared by OLX – working from home was associated with a greater demand for thermal comfort, better air quality, and thus higher electricity bills. The cost of generating energy from a photovoltaic system has long been lower than that from conventional sources. Therefore, the interest in investing in panels grows dynamically from month to month.

  • The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on the photovoltaic market, but it was a positive impact. People confined to their homes began to think about what to do to improve their sense of security in everyday life. Photovoltaics is a technology that allows you to generate energy from renewable sources for your own needs, this feeling of security significantly increases – says Michał Siembab, PVO International expert. – While the first gigawatt of PV power was built in Poland for eight years, and another one for eight months, in the last year – from the end of March 2020 to the end of March 2021 – we built another two.

PSE data shows that in the first days of May, over 30 percent domestic demand for power was met precisely by photovoltaics and wind farms. In turn, on Tuesday, May 11 this year. In Poland, the record for PV generation was broken – between 12 and 1 p.m. solar panels produced 3411 MWh.

The photovoltaic boom has been going on in our country for several years. Home PV installations have become a popular way to produce your own ecological energy. Proper selection of a photovoltaic installation, heat pump and recuperation system can reduce the operating costs of a home by up to 90%. compared to traditional systems based on energy from a state-owned power plant and fossil fuel boiler. Companies are also more and more willing to invest in such solutions, motivated by increases in energy prices and the need to cut costs.

As the new OLX ‘Photovoltaic Market Report’ points out, this need was particularly acute last year, when many people worked from home during the lockdown. As the demand for energy and thermal comfort increased, so did the electricity bills. Meanwhile, the cost of generating a kilowatt-hour of energy from a photovoltaic system has long been lower than generation from conventional sources and is approaching the low cost of producing wind energy.

From the My Electricity program, according to the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, support for the construction of PV installations will go to a total of 220,000. prosumers, and the total power from the submitted applications will give 1.2 GW, which will produce about 1,200 GWh of electricity annually. Although the budget of the program (increased to PLN 1.1 billion) was exhausted in December, its new version is to be launched this year, including for subsidies for the construction of charging points for electric cars.


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