Cargill sells feed production factory to Drosed

Pol-Pasz sp.z o.o., belonging to the Drosed Group, took over a modern production plant in Siedlce from Cargill. The takeover of the factory from a global giant from the agri-food sector is justified by the need to respond to the consolidation of the industry.

The new chapter of activity was sealed with a new logo and company name – from May 21, 2021: NaturAgra Pasze. The companies signed the contract on March 31, 2021. “We take over a well-organized company with a team, suppliers and customers. We will continue its operations and cooperate with Cargill in the supply of feed for some of its partners”, said Adam Sojka, President of the Drosed Group. “For Cargill, it was critical who would take over the factory. Our companies have been cooperating with each other for many years; Cargill is one of the important suppliers for our breeders, and we have a reputation and we are ensuring the stabilization of the situation”, he adds.

An important step in the history of the company opens a new chapter and gives it new opportunities. The symbol of the changes is to be the new name and logo – NaturAgra Pasze. The company also adopted a new slogan: “We have poultry in nature”, which emphasizes many years of experience and a high level of specialization in this particular branch of the industry.

  • The changes are to reflect our strategy which focuses on poultry. This is our strength – says the president of the board of NaturAgra Pasze, Bogdan Kajkowski. – We want to continue to specialize in the production of high-quality poultry feed, which will satisfy our customers, be environmentally friendly and support the sustainable development of poultry production in Poland – declares Kajkowski.

The new plant will give the local manufacturer not only greater production capacity, but also a wealth of knowledge and experience of the acquired team. Increasing the technological potential will allow for further specialization of production and development of the highest quality standards. NaturAgra Pasze has announced that it will increase the production of feed almost threefold, declaring that it will meet the expectations of even the most demanding poultry producers.

  • NaturAgra Pasze and all companies belonging to the Drosed Group follow the continuous evolution of this sector. The requirements of our customers and end consumers, production technologies and market opportunityies are changing, so we are also changing – says Agnieszka Kijek, Marketing Director of the Drosed Group.


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