Drones at Katowice airport

Cargo drones are increasingly used at airports around the world. Using them to transport even several hundred kilogram parcels allows you to reduce the cost by up to 80%. Unmanned aerial vehicles are already used in Australia to distribute medicines to inhabitants of rural areas. The company specializing in drone transport also operates in Poland, at the airport in Katowice. According to analysts, the logistics market with the use of drones will almost triple in a few years.

The Bulgarian company Dronamics uses Black Swan drones to transport loads weighing up to 350 kg over a distance of even several thousand kilometers. The cost of such a service can be up to 80 percent lower than if it were provided by conventional transport aircraft.

“The company is present at one of the Polish airports in Katowice. Its ambition is to bring furniture and furniture parts using unmanned aerial vehicles. It is also present on the German market and has been successfully running this business for three years. I keep my fingers crossed for them. As we know, transporting furniture is sometimes troublesome, and the provision of such transport services is also a great solution for consumers” – says Joanna Wieczorek.

Ultimately, the company wants to be available at 35 airports in 11 countries and cover approximately 300 million potential customers with its services.


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