DPD Poland has 5,000 SwipBox parcel machines in its network of pick-up points.

DPD Polska is expanding its cooperation with parcel vending machine operator SwipBox, which already provides more than 5,000 Infinity machines, SwipBox reported.

“The development of the Infinity vending machine network in Poland, thanks to successful cooperation with such an established brand as DPD Polska, is a special reason for us to be proud. Our partnership enhances the convenience and convenience of end users. It also benefits the entire e-commerce market through additional shipping options. DPD Polska has always been committed to new technologies and innovative solutions. Together we are taking a huge step forward by successfully implementing Infinity technology. The densely distributed network of vending machines is able to exhaust the needs of the number of shipments in a given location. Thanks to the low cost of the installation, which is carried out in our case by one man – in a situation of lack of available boxes, we can immediately supply another module and thus increase the capacity available at a given location.” – SwipBox Poland managing director Michal Czechowski said, quoted in the release.

The SwipBox units are part of the DPD Pickup network, which currently has more than 25,000 points.

“For our customers, we are creating the most accessible network for sending and receiving in Poland – DPD Pickup, which is entering another intensive stage of development. Our parcel machines are a way out to meet the expectations of customers who value comfort and convenience in sending and returning parcels. We selectively and according to the local needs of customers, we choose locations to build a dense network of vending machines, because we believe in the slogan – ‘closer is better’. With the DPD Mobile app, you can conveniently send and receive a package from a vending machine, but not only that. This is because DPD Mobile offers practical functions, such as the ability to track, send and manage a parcel in real time. If our plans change, the parcel can be redirected to the nearest convenient pickup point and picked up on the same day,” added board member, sales and marketing director at DPD Poland Lukasz Zembowicz.

SwipBox is a Danish manufacturer and operator of parcel pick-up machines with its own software background. The company has been providing hardware and software solutions for logistics, the retail industry and retailers and consumers since 2012. SwipBox subsidiaries are located in Denmark, Poland, Australia and operates a network of parcel pick-up machines in more than 40 countries. In Poland, it is responsible for the implementation of courier vending machines, cooperating on a so-called network agnostic basis – available to any logistics operator.


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