DL Invest Group plans to spend more than PLN 500 million on investments in Poland

DL Invest Group plans to spend more than PLN 500 million on leasebacks and acquisitions of operating properties in Poland, the company said.

“All the time we are working intensively to increase the value of assets, taking care of their performance, paying great attention to the quality of space and the satisfaction of our tenants, among other things. Within the structure of DL Invest Group, there are more than 200 specialists in several departments, including acquisition, design, construction, leasing and management, which allows us to take comprehensive care of our projects and provide tenants with a complete offer – from finding a location for them, preparing the property to ongoing project management. We are also expanding our portfolio through acquisitions of existing and operating projects. We are currently planning to allocate more than PLN 500 million to acquire new projects in Poland. We are interested in properties from all market sectors in which we operate.” – said founder and managing director Dominik Leszczynski, quoted in the release.

Among other things, DL Invest Group has extensive experience in the redevelopment and re-commercialization of existing buildings, including historic projects under preservation protection.

“The company has purchased and revitalized through re-commercialization several important facilities from the point of view of the regions in which it is active, including the restoration of, among others, the historic building of the former main post office in Gliwice, which now houses modern office space and unique dining concepts, and the building itself has become a unique place on the map of the region. The company’s portfolio also includes the 19th-century building of the former Gliwice grain exchange now housing acclaimed restaurants. The company has also purchased the historic Nadodrze railroad station in Wroclaw. We are also pursuing real estate acquisition and repositioning projects. In 2020, we bought a facility located in Zgorzelec, renovated it and carried out a re-commercialization process, creating a project tailored in scale and offer to the requirements of local residents, which was then sold with more than two-and-a-half times return on capital,” Leszczynski listed.

DL Invest Group is a Polish investor and developer whose portfolio consists of properties with a total value exceeding PLN 3 billion. It operates in the office, warehouse and retail sectors and seeks investment opportunities in these sectors with a particular focus on the warehouse sector. The company also offers a leaseback service.


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