Dino Polska wants to open 1-2 distribution centers per year

Dino Polska plans to open 1 to 2 distribution centers per year in the long term, assuming that such a center serves approximately 350 to 400 stores, informed Michał Krauze, board member and CFO. As he assessed, the supply chain of the Dino store chain is not endangered in connection with the war in Ukraine.

“As for the number of stores, I would not like to refer to specific numbers. We can see that we still have a lot of room for development. There are provinces where we do not have a single open store yet. When it comes to logistics centers, our assumption is that such a center will serve approximately 350 to 400 stores, so we will open approximately 1-2 logistics centers annually, ”Krauze said during the conference.

Dino Polska recorded PLN 805.3 million of consolidated net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company in 2021, compared to PLN 643.92 million profit a year earlier.

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