Dino Polska shares continue to march higher as sales growth steady: up 10x since IPO 4 years ago.

Dino Polska’s shares have been one of the best investments on the WSE in the last 4-5 years. The chain started by Tomasz Biernacki is still developing dynamically.

Dino Polska share price soars so high and rises higher and higher. Hardly anyone was betting that 4 years after its debut on the stock exchange, Dino shares will be traded at PLN 302.80. This means that Dino’s share price has grown by 707% since the IPO. Currently, the company is worth PLN 29.8 billion, with P / E = 44 and P / W = 12.34.

“Dino Polska assumes that the results will continue to grow rapidly in the coming quarters. The company maintains its goal of low, double-digit LFL sales growth in 2021″, said Michał Krauze, member of the management board and financial director of Dino.


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