Dino Polska soars to 30 billion pln market value, making Tomasz Biernacki the richest Pole

The value of shares owned by Tomasz Biernacki, the founder of Dino, is PLN 15.7 billion. In spring, Forbes estimated the value of the wealth of the richest Pole, Michał Sołowow, at PLN 15.5 billion.

During yesterday’s session, Dino Polska made a historic high of PLN 314 (9:50). This has considerable consequences for the ranking of the richest Poles.

If we take into account this year’s list of the richest Poles of the Forbes monthly, it turns out that Tomasz Biernacki – the founder and leading shareholder of the Dino Polska supermarket chain – has just jumped to the first place on the podium, surpassing Michał Sołowow, owner of the Synthos chemical concern. Of course, this is assuming that Sołowow’s fortune has not grown since the publication of the Forbes list.

Tomasz Biernacki holds 51.16% of Dino Polska shares. Currently, this package is worth PLN 15.6bn, as Dino’s share price has reached its all-time high. The company is already valued at PLN 30.7 billion. In the last 12 months, Dino’s share price has increased by 38%, as the supermarket chain shows very good results in the pandemic and is still growing.


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