Dino to build next logistics center in 2022

Dino Polska is likely to launch the construction of another logistics center next year, said Michał Krauze, board member and CFO.

“As far as logistics centers are concerned, we are in the process of obtaining documentation at several locations and it is very likely that we will start building another logistics center next year,” Krauze said during the videoconference.

He added that Dino Polska also intends to focus on increasing the number of stores opened y / y, and next year’s capital expenditure will be a result of the number of open stores, logistic adaptation to the existing number of stores and development in the expansion of Agro-Rydzyna’s production capacity.

“In terms of development, we intend to increase the number of stores opened next year. We do not focus on appearing in new or old areas. It will be a mix – we will both concentrate and open up in areas where we are not yet present, ”said Krauze.

“When it comes to big cities, we’ve never avoided big cities. We are constantly developing in large cities. New stores are being built both in the centers and on the outskirts, ”added the CFO.


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