Government-owned companies continue to disappoint.

The losses of publicly traded companies are already beginning to be a new secular tradition of the fourth quarter. “Holding PiS” recorded them at the end of 2019 and after a year the situation repeated itself. This is mainly due to the broadly understood coal sector.

They all bear the consequences of the increase in the prices of CO2 emission rights. A year ago, you had to pay around EUR 20 per ton of carbon dioxide, and now it is around EUR 42. As a result, the operation of some of their power plants is under threat. Only part of the damage occurred last year, when the price of allowances just broke 30 euro.

Minus PLN 60 million – this is the total net result generated by 19 largest listed companies under state management. The reports have not yet been published by the two smallest PHN and BOŚ. So, theoretically, there is a chance that state-owned companies will manage to extract more than zero. Either way, it’s not good news.


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