DHL has launched a logistics center near Poznań, at a cost of several hundred million zlotys

The DHL International Logistics Center, located near Poznań, has reached full operational capacity. As Arkadiusz Stasiak, vice-president of operations for DHL, informed ISBnews, the investment is worth several hundred million zlotys and is intended to ensure efficient operation of DHL for 5-10 years.

“We cannot reveal the investment costs, but it amounts to several hundred million zlotys. The investment was designed ‘with an overlap’, so it should ensure our smooth operation for 5-10 years, depending on market development,” Stasiak told ISBnews.

He added that this is the only such ultra-modern investment in Poland and one of the few in Europe. The launch of the sorting facility will change the market and DHL’s business prospects.

“Thanks to this investment, DHL is well prepared for the upcoming parcel peak,” he concluded.

In the International Logistics Center, DHL has implemented technology that will significantly speed up parcel sorting time, increasing service efficiency and shortening shipment delivery times. Thanks to this, the unit will be able to handle up to 45,000 parcels per hour. Additionally, advanced systems of 1,500 various types of sensors and 800 cameras, placed along the entire length of the sorting belt, will enable tracking of the parcel from the moment it enters the sorter until it is loaded onto the car.

Currently, the company delivers to 27 countries in the European Union and Great Britain. The implementation of this investment will increase operational efficiency, competitiveness and increase the capacity of the DHL Parcel network in western Poland, which is particularly important from the perspective of the proximity to the German market, the company emphasized.

DHL Parcel has a network of 14,000 POP points throughout Poland, where customers can both send and receive parcels. The POP network has also been supplemented by DHL POP BOX parcel machines, which are appearing in additional locations.


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