OKAM developer buys huge plot – 62 hectares – in Warsaw

The deal for this post-industrial area in Żerań, Warsaw is one of the largest transactions of this type on the real estate market, not only in the capital, but also throughout Poland.

OKAM bought exactly 62 hectares of post-industrial land in Warsaw’s Żerań. However, the amount paid by the developer has not been disclosed. The company, however, ensures that it is one of the largest transactions on the Polish real estate market.

“By purchasing this area, once used for car production, we made one of the largest acquisitions of this type on the market in just one transaction. Undoubtedly, the scale of the investment will be huge and the preparation itself will take several years, and the multi-stage implementation will cover several next ones. the challenge that we will face at OKAM, “said CEO Arie Koren.

As Koren emphasized, the developer plans to “take measures to make this place more attractive for current and future tenants and to provide them with the possibility of continuing their activities”.

“It is very important for us to leave the character of this extraordinary place so important in the history of the Polish automotive industry, therefore the investment will be carried out by us respecting the past and will be preceded by consultations with interested parties” – Koren assured.


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