Detalion Games has acquired a large IP as part of a new strategy

Detalion Games – a studio from the Movie Games capital group – has taken over the “big IP” as part of its new strategy, the company said.
“The development of the game based on acquired intellectual property will be carried out internally. At the same time, the Detalion team will receive specialist support from Movie Games and a world-famous person from the gamedev industry. All this is related to a change in the company’s strategy and its role in the Movie Games Capital Group, ”we read in the release.

“After evaluating the potential projects and the team’s strengths, we and our publisher Movie Games decided that Detalion has potential well beyond the porting studio. Hence, among others decision to take on the role of a continuator of a strong IP with a large, committed fan community. I am pleased with the direction chosen as part of the new strategy, based on the team’s strengths. It allows to develop the company towards strengthening the synergistic, complementary nature of the Movie Games Family, ”said Agnieszka Hałasińska, president of Detalion Games, quoted in the announcement.

The company also announced that the chief marketing officer of Movie Games and a member of the Management Board of Image Games, Piotr Gnyp, has become the new chairman of the supervisory board.

Detalion Games is active in the production of AA games (medium budget) with a 12-18 month development cycle. The company creates adventure and logical games and simulators. These productions are and will be available in the premium model, which means that once purchased, they will provide access to all content.


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