Gdynia Port finds new niche in offshore wind

COVID-19 did not stop the rapid development of the port in Gdynia. After seven months of this year, it recorded over 12 percent total growth and 14% an increase in the handling of containers, which are a kind of barometer of exports and the economic situation. The pandemic also did not stop the investment in the port of Gdynia, where one of the most modern passenger and ferry terminals in the Baltic Sea will be put into use on September 23. In turn, the government’s resolution adopted at the end of July will contribute to even faster development, according to which the Port of Gdynia will be equipped with facilities for servicing offshore wind farms.

The resolution adopted by the government at the end of July this year, which concerns the construction of port facilities for servicing offshore wind farms at the Port of Gdynia, is also expected to contribute to even faster development of the Gdynia port.

“Resolution of the Council of Ministers of 30 July this year definitively indicated the port of Gdynia as the place from which offshore wind farm structures are to be shipped. We are fully aware that this is an investment that will develop and grow together with the Port of Gdynia. We are also very pleased with the declaration of the Orlen group, according to which the structures related to Orlen farms will be associated with Gdynia”, says Jacek Sadaj, president of the Gdynia Sea Port .


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