Deni Cler from the VRG Group launches the Deni Cler Vintage resale platform

Deni Cler - as the first fashion brand on the Polish market - is launching the Cler Vintage online retail platform, where it will be possible to sell the brand's archival clothes, the company said.

Currently, the archival projects of Deni Cler are available on the platform, then the "resale" tab will be launched, through which it will be possible to sell clothes with the brand's label, from client to client.

“We want our archival collections to find their place in the new reality. That is why we launched the Deni Cler Vintage project, ”said president Iwona Kossmann, quoted in the press release.

The Vintage service is only available online via, underlined.

The owner of the Milan-based Deni Cler brand is DCG S.A. with its seat in Warsaw - a subsidiary of the VRG Group.

VRG (former name Vistula Group) is a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1993. It is the owner of trademarks in five main lines: Vistula, Bytom, Wólczanka, Deni Cler Milano and W. Kruk.

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