Demolish Games plans to debut on NewConnect this year

Demolish Games from the Ultimate Games capital group plans to debut on the NewConnect market this year, the company said. The manufacturer and publisher of simulator games today releases a demo of the game "Demolish & Build 3: Excavator Playground" on Steam, which will be released in its full version in the first half of 2023.

"Demolish & Build 3: Excavator Playground" is a fully playable preview of what we will present in the full version. The release of the game in the demo version is the fulfillment of another milestone before the release of our flagship title - 'Demolish & Build 3'. We count on valuable and substantive feedback from the gaming community, which will certainly help us to better refine the most important elements of the game, correct any errors, and at the same time expand the game wishlist, ”said Paweł Dywelski, CEO of Demolish Games, quoted in the announcement.

The demo will feature ramps, concrete structures and other demolishable structures, and a small test track. The game will be available in 8 language versions. In addition, the player will have a view from the first and third person.

In "Demolish & Build 3" the player will play the role of the owner of a construction company and will be, inter alia, accept and execute demolition orders, hire personnel, operate construction machinery, and purchase properties. Demolish Games is the publisher and producer of this title. The game will be available on desktops and the most popular consoles.

"The company plans to join the NewConnect market in the second half of 2022" - we also read in the release.

Demolish Games is a company from the Ultimate Games group that specializes in the production of simulator games. The studio focuses on projects from the "Demolish & Build" series.

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