DataArt has opens 3rd office in Poland – in Krakow, will hire 90 developers

DataArt – a global technology consulting company – has opened a new branch in Krakow. It is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year, the company said. It is planned to employ 90 specialists by the end of next year.
The Krakow branch is the third branch of DataArt in Poland. The company currently runs offices in Lublin and Wrocław, cooperating with 370 experts.

“During several years of presence in Lublin and Wrocław, DataArt has achieved a high level of brand recognition and we believe that the potential for further employment growth is naturally limited. At the same time, we are observing an avalanche increase in the demand for programming services. Hence, we decided to open a new branch in Krakow and interest IT experts in our company on the new local market. We believe that we are able to build a 90-person team in Krakow within a year, ”said George Kremenetsky, president of DataArt Krakow.

The company is looking for people working in various technologies, with a particular focus on Java, JavaScript, .NET, Android, iOS, as well as software testers and business analysts.


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