Data Warehouse. New database of information about entrepreneurs in CEIDG

Entrepreneurs can already use the so-called CEIDG and data warehouses, i.e. an improved version of the set of information about companies registered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity – said the Ministry of Labor and Technology Development.

As indicated by the ministry, the CEIDG and database, available at, operates based on the idea of ​​data openness. “The warehouse provides information about entrepreneurs registered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity”. It has been added that the new, improved version of the application is based on user feedback and the experience of experts.

The ministry pointed out that entrepreneurs can use, among others, from reports containing statistical information on the number of registered economic activities in Poland or the age structure. “It is possible to select parameters independently, depending on the needs. The warehouse can also be used via the application programming interface, i.e. the so-called API developed in accordance with data openness standards” – it was noted.

In order to use the data warehouse, you must have an account on and, through the online service, apply to the administrators for appropriate permissions. The reporting application is available after logging in on the website – explained.

Open public data is data produced by or on behalf of public administration offices. They are available to anyone interested to be used, processed and transferred for any purpose. “In order to further intensify activities in the area of ​​data openness, as well as to systematize them, and thus come closer to the highest international standards, the Council of Ministers adopted the Data Opening Program for the years 2021-2027. It is a national strategy that covers the key issues of sharing and data management “- it was recalled.


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