“Dark stores” support rapid-courier delivery

These are actually warehouses used by couriers. Lisek was the pioneer of deliveries from dark stores in Warsaw. Now Jokr is pushing the market, Glovo and Swyft are entering it. In the coming months, Bolt will also launch its dark stores in Poland.

More and more often, we choose online orders instead of traditional stores. We also like them to come to us quickly. This applies not only to clothes, but also to food products. These expectations are met by companies that offer delivery even in a quarter of an hour. To do this, however, they need quick access to products. That is why on the streets of Polish cities – mainly Warsaw – you can come across the so-called dark stores.

The solution is already being tested on the home market of the platform, i.e. in Estonia. Apart from Poland, it will appear in Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Portugal and Sweden.

“This pace is perfectly visible not only in Poland: in the world, during the first 100 days of operation, we launched 100 such hubs in Europe, the United States and Latin America” – said Piotr Lagowski, co-founder of Jokra.


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