Warsaw Stock Exchange Innovation Day highlights e-commerce plays

Dadelo is analyzing the acquisition of a company from the Czech or Slovak market, but a good moment for the acquisition may not come until later, said CEO Ryszard Zawieruszyński.

Dadelo S.A. operates as an online bicycle shop. The company offers its products under the categories of bicycles, bicycle parts, accessories, and clothing through dadelo.pl, an online store. It provides a selection of two-wheelers covering children’s, city, cross, trekking, and specialized road and MTB; accessories for cheaper bicycles,, etc.

“We are considering an acquisition on the Czech or Slovak market. We are currently looking at several entities, selected a few and I admit that we have started sending inquiries. However, we must be aware that 2020, 2021 and 2022 will be the best years for the entire industry there. That is why each of the entities will be highly valued, ”said Zawieruszyński during the presentation at the Warsaw Stock Exchange Innovation Day.

“Perhaps there will be better opportunities when this market is saturated. We estimate that it will not happen this or next year. Who knows if there will be an opportunity at the end of 2022, “he added.

He reminded that the company has about PLN 50 million in cash, but at the same time pointed out that at this point it would not be possible to buy “anyone sensible” in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

He also announced that Dadelo is not thinking of taking the leader, rather players from position 3-5.

Dadelo was acquired in 2017 by Oponeo, a company listed on the WSE. The company sells online through an online store operating under the brand centrumrowerowe. The company made its debut on the WSE main market in December 2020.’


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