Cyfrowa Polska and Centrum GovTech will support digitization in the Three Seas countries

Centrum GovTech and the Digital Poland Association have officially signed a declaration on, among others, raising digital competences, supporting companies from the SME sector and startups, raising awareness related to cybersecurity, which will be implemented as part of the coalition of the digital sector and new technologies from 11 countries of Central and Eastern Europe – CEE Digital Coalition, announced Cyfrowa Polska.

As a result of the agreement, both organizations will implement projects that will support digitization in both the public and private sectors. They will concern innovation, the development of e-services, digital transformation of business and administration, cybersecurity and the changing labor market.

“There is no doubt that in terms of digitization, close cooperation between countries is necessary as part of the Three Seas Initiative. Only in this way can we strengthen our region economically and increase its competitiveness in relation to the rest of the world. The projects that we will implement together with Centrum GovTech Polska are to support our country and our neighbors in this digital race, ”said the president of the Digital Poland Association, Michał Kanownik, quoted in the release.

The Digital Poland Association and Centrum GovTech previously cooperated on the implementation of, among others educational projects.


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