cyber_Folks to launch investor benefit program

cyber_Folks will launch an investor benefit program as the first Polish technology company listed on the WSE, the company said. Participants in the program will receive a range of benefits, including discounts on services or access to free SEO and website monitoring.

“The investor benefit program is a great opportunity to increase engagement with existing shareholders and customers. The cyber_Folks brand is very popular, we serve more than 350,000 customers who can also become our investors and reap the benefits of this synergy. Over the past years, we have shown that we are a profitable company that rewards investors’ long-term commitment with dividends. From now on, we will additionally offer a number of new benefits from the Investor Program. We also hope that the additional benefits will expand its audience and shareholders,” said CEO Jakub Dwernicki, quoted in the release.

cyber_Folks emphasizes that it will be the first technology company on the WSE to offer its shareholders access to the Investor Benefits Program.

“Investors want to be involved in the development of companies. From our perspective, engaged shareholders are an invaluable value in any company. Building shared value is the foundation of our business. The Investor Benefits Program is a natural step in building our mature relationship with the capital market and another nod to our investors. We also hope that, thanks to this program, a large number of our long-time customers will join the ranks of our shareholders,” the CEO added.

There will be a number of benefits for investors who own at least 50 shares in the company, including a 10% discount on service renewals. Investors who hold more than 100 shares can expect a larger – 20% discount – when purchasing products, or free SEO monitoring. The program will be gradually developed with additional content.

cyber_Folks (formerly R22) is a group of technology companies focusing on scalable services offered in a subscription model and SaaS (Software as a Service). The company has been listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2017.


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