Crteotech is planning a public issue of shares and transfer to the main market of the WSE

Creotech Instruments plans to transfer its shares to the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange later this year, the company said. Earlier, in the second quarter of 2022, the company wants to conduct a public issue of shares. The company's investment needs are approx. PLN 50-60 million.

The company's strategy is to complete key R&D projects and increase the company's production and sales capacity. In the coming years, Creotech Instruments' goal is to become one of the main suppliers of space technologies in Central Europe. In 2021, the company generated approx. PLN 40 million in total revenues, including from space projects, quantum business, services for the drone segment, and contract manufacturing and grants, the report said.

“We operate on a promising market with relatively little competition in Poland. At the same time, the consistently implemented strategy and innovative business model will allow us to achieve dynamic growth of the business scale. One of our most important goals is to place the EagleEye satellite in orbit, and then the observation satellites for the defense segment as part of the PIAST project. It will be an extremely important moment in the history of Creotech. We want to prove that our microsatellite platforms meet all expectations and obtain the so-called space heritage. This will allow us to start selling microsatellite platforms with a unit value of up to USD 4 million to commercial customers, ”said the president of Creotech Instruments, Grzegorz Brona, quoted in the release.

Creotech Instruments is the largest Polish company producing and delivering to the global market space technologies as well as specialized electronics and apparatus, incl. for quantum computers, quantum cryptography or quantum physics and high energy laboratories. The company made its debut on the NewConnect market in October 2021.

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