Power shortage in Poland filled by Sweden, Lithuania, and Germany

The wind is not blowing and suddenly it turned out that we have no power reserve. This was the situation of the energy system on Monday. Rescue came from Sweden. This launched a reserve oil-fired power plant. After a few months as an exporter of electricity, we suddenly needed a lot more than the national system could provide.
“The scale of the shortage of power reserves is significant and exceeds 1000 megawatts in some hours”, write Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczn. After the weekend, so many generating units were put into operation in the country that it suddenly turned out that we lacked the power reserve.

PSE adds that not only the higher demand, but also the capacity in the system were lower. They explain this with a lower generation of electricity from wind and emergency and repair shutdowns of several generating units.

PSE took advantage of the international agreement. “At PSE’s request, assistance was provided by system operators from Lithuania, Sweden, Germany and Ukraine,” the press release said. The tense situation in our energy system is set to repeat itself on Tuesday.
“Sweden launched a back-up oil-fired power plant after Poland said it needed help from its neighbors to meet rising electricity demand as freezing weather spread across Europe,” writes Bloomberg.

“Even if Sweden has relatively high consumption on Monday, it will be possible to support Poland” – said Pontus de Mare, head of operations at Svenska Kraftnat in a statement.


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