Creotech Instruments granted 5 million pln for quantum technologies research

Creotech Instruments is launching a new research and development project “Electronics in response to the challenges of Quantum Technologies” with a total value of PLN 7.2 million, the company said. For the implementation of the project, the company obtained over PLN 5 million in funding from the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR).
In 2019, the value of the quantum computer market was USD 507 million and by 2030 it is expected to grow to USD 65 billion, which means a CAGR of 56% (according to ResearchAndMarkets data, April 2020). Europe and North America will have the largest share here, which could reach 78.0% in 2030.

“This dynamic market development is undoubtedly supported by national and international programs. The National Quantum Initiative Program in the United States receives funding from the budget of USD 1.2 billion. Its main goal is to support the development of computer processing technologies and applications based on quantum phenomena. (…) “- said co-founder and head of R&D at Creotech Instruments, Dr. Grzegorz Kasprowicz.

The acquired project will extend the activities of Creotech Instruments in the field of quantum computers, which will result in the first in Poland and one of the first in the world modular electronic devices for quantum technologies, based on specifications agreed by leading research groups from the USA and EU.

The implementation of the project “Electronics in response to the challenges of Quantum Technologies” is scheduled for 3 years.


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