Creotech Instruments maintains plans to commercialize its satellite platform

Creotech Instruments maintains its plans related to the commercialization of the satellite platform and its launch into orbit at the turn of 2023/2024. He expects a rapid development of sales from next year, CEO Grzegorz Brona informed.

“We are at a breakthrough moment, the launch of the satellite platform as part of the EagleEye project will take place at the turn of 2023/2024. We want to produce 5 to 20 platforms a year from 2025 and this is a cautious assumption, looking at how the microsatellites market is being built. Already 3 production per year will allow us to turn a profit and fulfill the promises given to investors to significantly scale up the company,” said Brona during a meeting with journalists.

He emphasized that the company aims at satellite missions from 10 to 60 kg, and ultimately up to 150 kg.

“This is the fastest-growing area, which does not exist at the EU level, and which the EU is strongly betting on. We are now working on the possibility of building a satellite up to 120 kg and then up to 150 kg. The satellites have a lifespan of 3-5 years, the fleet will be refreshed,” Brona pointed out.

Creotech Instruments is the largest Polish company that produces and supplies space technologies and specialized electronics and apparatus to the global market, including for the needs of quantum computers, quantum cryptography or laboratories of quantum physics and high energy. The company debuted on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in July 2022, moving from the NewConnect market.


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