Creotech aims to ship EagleEye satellite system to US by end of April 2024

Creotech Instruments assumes that it will send the EagleEye satellite system to the USA by the end of April 2024 and hopes that it will be sent into orbit on a SpaceX rocket in June next year, said President Grzegorz Brona.

“In the first/second quarter of 2024, we will prepare the shipment of the satellite system to the USA, which is planned for March-April. Most of the ground tests have already taken place. The satellite will be connected to Scanway’s payload in December. We want to carry out the final tests in January,” Brona said during the webinar.

He added that SpaceX plans to launch the Falcon rocket in June 2024. “Right now, it looks like we will be ready for integration with the rocket. This phase allows us to apply for further contracts and we are already intensively approaching customers in Poland and abroad,” said the president.

According to him, the next launch date of the SpaceX rocket is scheduled for September-October next year. Creotech hopes to send its satellite system in June, but the company’s president pointed out that a postponement of the launch date by SpaceX cannot be completely ruled out.

In July, Creotech Instruments announced that it had successfully completed environmental testing of the EagleEye microsatellite.

In May, Creotech Instruments signed an agreement with the German company Exolaunch GmbH, providing intermediation in the launch campaign for the EagleEye satellite. The contract amount is EUR 641,400 net. The launch vehicle will be Falcon 9 from Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, also known as SpaceX, for which Exolaunch GmbH is the operating partner.

Creotech Instruments is the largest Polish company producing and supplying space technologies and specialized electronics and equipment to the global market, including: for the needs of quantum computers, quantum cryptography and quantum physics and high energy laboratories. The company debuted on the main market of the WSE in July 2022, moving from the NewConnect market.


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